So I first met Lexi & Rob a few years ago when I was shooting Liam and Beth’s wedding back in Rochdale. They are part of a circle of friends of which I have been the wedding photographer for four couples now.

Meeting about twelve months previous, Rob was part way through ploughing the field in preparation for the marquee. A fine job he did too, as when I came down to do my final recce the day before the marquee looked great, the hay bale couches looked awesome and the tractor very interesting.

On the day, it was incredibly chilled, both enjoying a calm morning of preparations with the weather starting to play ball. The ceremony was in their local church down the road which had gotten off lightly after some flooding in the weeks before.

Their horses made a surprise appearance at the pub next to the church, and it was there the guest congregated for a few pints and nibbles before heading back down the road to the impressive marquee.

A super relaxed reception ensued until two guests theatrically performed a rendition of love is an open door.

Now let’s talk a little about the tractor. It was supposed to be a photo booth, but I think something happened to the camera. I decided to step in as you can’t go to all that trouble of setting it up and not get anything out of it. The guest got very confident climbing right to the top and maybe playing a game of how my people can you get on a tractor. It was great and the shots I got from it will be special to Lexi & Rob.

Ending the night sat on hay bales around a fire for warmth was the epitome of what they wanted from the day, cosy and close to their friends and family.