There is so much to say about these two and if you were lucky enough to be a guest at this wedding, you would have learnt anything you didn’t already know. To start with music, specifically, the Beatles is an important part of their story. Listening to Dan’s speech, it was all they talked about on their first date, at, you guessed it, the Beatles museum. So it was quite fitting that not only was this the theme of the wedding, but also the location being a Beatles themed hotel.

On the day, they both wanted to have a great time, especially in the evening. It was quite refreshing to see them dispense with traditions such as a cake cutting so they could get straight to the party.

Roll back to the start of the day, both were very relaxed and enjoying the morning with a calm atmosphere. When it came to the ceremony, the emotions along with tears showed just how much they mean to each other. I knew Dan’s cool was about to go when the best man handed him a tissue just in case. Good job!

That’s enough talk, let’s see the pictures.