So much about this wedding can only be described as epic. I am going to start with the venue, Lartington Hall, what a place! As you can see from the first two images the beauty hits you straight away. It took me 15 minutes to drive up to the car park because I kept stopping to take pictures.

The staff at Lartington Hall are all awesome, not to put any other venue down, but as a wedding photographer I have never been looked after as well, nothing was too much trouble and we where fed Michelin star food!

Laura and Jamie live in London and came back to their motherland for their nuptials. Laura being the creative type designed her wedding to perfection even having the greenery cut from her mums’ garden two days before.

To day started very calm, Jamie probably a little more nervous than Laura. The both of them were very expressive, which is awesome for me!

To talk a little of the ‘vanity fair’ style image you see above. My style of photography is natural and unorchestrated, but this shot we came up with when visiting the venue together, it had to be done in such a cool room and I guarantee this will be the one on the mantle piece.

Enjoy the gallery.