A sunny Yorkshire wedding day at the gorgeous falcon manor hotel was the setting for Lucy and Iain to get wed. I had met them a few years before at their friend’s wedding in Oxfordshire were my discreet ninja like style had caught their eye. Well as they said they hardly saw me, but when they saw the images they were impressed on how I got all the shots I did without being noticed.

Anyway on to the wedding. I had my padawan Jenny with me as especially during the morning preparations there was a lot of things happening in the bride’s suite, we didn’t want the groom to miss out. This is where you really get the benefits of a second photographer, in the final set of images they can both see what the other was up to.

The great thing about this wedding was the personalities on display, there was so much happening all day that happened just because everyone was being themselves, it was a photographic treat for myself and Jenny. Guests had full use of the grounds and the rooms and for me, I can see the different dynamics and connections between friends and family. As the day turned into night, they all had the usual chill after a big meal and then, it was no surprise it got a little crazy on the dancefloor with some crazy moves and even one of my previous brides using a straw to enhance her already convincing Madonna impression.

All in all, it was a great wedding to photograph. When a couple wants a relaxed day, there tends to be a bit crazier in the evening, which is a massive bonus for the photographs.

This is why I love what I do so much!