Wedding Portfolio

This is where you will see image collections from some of my favourite weddings shot in Lancashire, Yorkshire and all over the United Kingdom. When I worked with all these fantastic couples, I was there to tell a story that is uniquely theirs with no awkward posing. On this day it’s about celebrating who you are both individually and together. To that end, I have experienced weddings with personal touches like no other.

My photography is an extension of my personality, I am low key, alternative, very relaxed but with an eye for detail. That’s how I shoot weddings, the way that feels natural to me which means your images will be natural, show your little quirks and I will do this in an unintrusive fashion so that you and your guests can just have an awesome day.

Below you will see a variety of weddings, from the full on DIY wedding, marquee in the garden and the country house wedding. There are some urban city weddings in there for good measure. All of them informal with good vibes, good stories and most importantly, good memories.