Important To Know

When you book me as your wedding photographer, yes you are buying an amazing service, but more importantly, you are inviting me into your life and asking me to tell quite an intimate story.

For our relationship to work, we need to be comfortable which each other. So here are a few things about me:

I am married to the lovely Clare, we have been together since 1997.

We have a cheeky rescue dog called Barney

My wife makes amazing brownies(to be honest enough of an incentive to book me).

I am a minimalist, I wear black t-shirts a lot and generally keep things simple.

I am naturally a quiet and reserved soul which makes me a great observer.

I started drinking coffee at age 35.

I am always drawn to counter culture, never into the mainstream.

Punk, Metal, Hardcore – that’s my musical taste ;-p

I’ve told you mine, now you tell me yours. Send me a message below and we can arrange a coffee to talk about working together.