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No words, just pictures!

Hi, I'm Andy Hirst

Lancashire based wedding photographer

What I love about weddings is the real life on display.  Its where the bride and groom put their personality and relationship on display for family and friends. For me, being there to find the moments and tell their story in a natural un-orchestrated way is photography bliss!  The best photos are unexpected, authentic and sometimes, a little bit weird.

I like to bring minimal equipment with nothing to attract attention or intimidate your guests.  I am often described as a ninja, mainly because I go mostly unnoticed during the day.  The day is yours to enjoy without being bossed around and awkwardly posed.

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

or photojournalism, or reportage?

This is a style of wedding photography, that has always been around, but by its very nature is very discreet.  There will always be the latest trend or the old fashioned traditional cheese that takes the headlines, where those headlines are, i'm not sure.  Documentary wedding photographers have a lot in common with news and street photography.  Its all about being a fly on the wall and letting all the events unfold right in front of you.  The experience and skill is to be in the right place at the right time and when to take a photo and when not to.  The aim is to have a set of images that can tell the story with no words, just pictures.  Pictures were you can see just by the facial expressions of the bride, exactly how she is feeling right at that moment.