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Documentary Wedding Photographer

My name is Andy. Based in Lancashire I shoot weddings throughout the north west including Manchester, Cheshire and the odd trip to Yorkshire is always welcome. I travel all over the UK and internationally meeting and connecting with couples looking for creative, natural and real wedding photography.

My specialism is documentary wedding photography, which is to remain discreet whilst being close during your wedding day. The shy and quiet types rejoice as they can shine as much as the outgoing party animals.

Your wedding day will be unique because of you! The one thing I love most about being a wedding photographer is the connection I have with my clients. To know you means I can tell your story better.




It's free to talk, so I welcome all questions and enquiries. I don't bite! Using Skype or FaceTime is an easy and relaxed way to have and initial chat. Click below to arrange a consultation.

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Happy Couple


The best thing about Andy aside from his photographic ninja abilities and being a great lad, was he seemed to capture a moment at just the right time. All the pictures were warm and genuine. We also loved how passionate he was about his work and how he bent over backwards to make sure we were happy.
— Cate + Chris
One of the main reasons we chose Andy was that he wasn’t ‘in your face’ we are not stand up in front of a camera sort of people and Andy’s approach was just perfect, he didn’t once make us feel uncomfortable, he was very discreet.
— Alyson + Carl
Andy was majorly calming to have around when you’re totally freaking out getting ready. He was great and most of the time we didn’t know he was there. During the day he was mingling in the guests so I didn’t notice him really, which is better for the type of pics we wanted. When the photos came we were blown away! The more I looked, the more I liked them. I couldn’t pick which ones I wanted for the album and box, they were all just what we wanted and I wanted them all. He really captured the day.
— Stacey + Aaron


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My wedding photography portfolio goes back a few years, I have chosen images from select weddings where the couples are happy for me to use. I take privacy very seriously and I have taken greatest respect and care putting these galleries together. 

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My name is

Andy Hirst

Me and my kind of shy fruity loop wife, Clare.

Me and my kind of shy fruity loop wife, Clare.

I have been a professional camera pointer for over 10 years now, getting my start in TV as a camera operator and later as a freelancer. I made the jump to stills in 2009 and have never looked back. Weddings are awesome, being married is awesome, photography is awesome. That's a pretty cool recipe.

When I'm not holding a camera, or editing, I am very much into my fitness, and my perfect Sunday would consist of a workout first thing, a walk with my lovely wife and cheeky dog Barney. Simple pleasures.

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